Supplier Management at MBC - until Start of Production


This training module describes and explains QM methods and tools that are used and required in the product development process of Mercedes-Benz Cars (MBC) up to the production process and product release process with the suppliers. Particularly in the new product project phase, there is intensive cooperation between MBC and the suppliers, which is supported by the methods and tools presented. When releasing the production processes and products at the interface from the project to the series, extensive QM methods and tools are in use to ensure the quality capability of future products. This period is extremely important for determining a final release of quality capability and series maturity before serial production begins. Weaknesses in the application and implementation of the methods at this stage have serious consequences for all involved. In order to avoid time and costs for time-consuming discussions or maturity-securing additional measures, the interaction of MBC and suppliers, with the appropriate use of methods, is necessary.


MDS Future, VDA-RGA, Round Table, Process Specification sheet, Process-FMEA, PPA, Q-H:ELP, Performance Test


In this training you will learn the basic methods and processes of quality planning and maturity assurance as a quality planning and review tool in the product and process development phase with the specific requirements of Daimler AG. In addition, the application of the process specification will be explained and the specific implementation of the PPA procedure will be explained.


  • The Mercedes-Benz product development process
  • Mercedes-Benz specific application VDA-RGA
  • The production process specifications of Daimler AG
  • Process FMEA according to MBST 27
  • Production process and product release PPA according to MBST 13
  • Material sampling according to WEB2020

performance test

  • Component management START
  • Escalation Management Q-H:ELP
  • Overview of DV portals and systems: Certus, Argus, SQMS, START, BKM

Prerequisites for participation


Target audience

Employees and executives of suppliers who are entrusted with the management of vehicle projects of Daimler AG or in the future.

Qualification Certificate

certificate of attendance


2 days

Important Advice

The content is initially geared to projects in the MBC (Passenger Cars) business area; alternative approaches can be used in cooperation with other divisions of Daimler AG.
In this seminar reference is made to portal systems of the Daimler AG or explained in basic terms, there is no access to the systems. For more information on the individual systems, separate training is offered.


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01 Dec - 04 Dec 2020 08:00-12:00 Online México Spanish 7500.00 MXN Book Now
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15 Dec - 16 Dec 2020 08:00-16:00 Vance, USA English 1100.00 USD Book Now