Material-technical initial sampling (WEB) and WEB 2020


The training provides the structure and course of initial material sampling in connection with the PPA process.


  • Material-technical initial sampling in the product life cycle
  • Structure of the documents WEB V100, WEB V200 and WEB V300
  • WEB 2020 and method classification


The participants
know the structure and process of the material-technical initial sampling (WEB)

  • know and understand the most important basic documents
  • can determine the necessary guidelines and templates themselves
  • know the requirements for the documentation in the SQMS
  • know the concept WEB 2020 and the resulting requirements


  • Requirements from the component requirement specification
  • WEB-specific requirements for drawings
  • Determination of relevant templates and guidelines (WEB V2xx and WEB V3xx)
  • methods classification
  • Selection of suitable test laboratories
  • Requirements for test reports
  • Construction of the material BOM (bill of materials)
  • Preparation of the sampling coordination discussion
  • document flow
  • Requirements for the WEB documentation in SQMS

Prerequisites for participation

  • Knowledge of the PPA procedure
  • Preferably, Welcome Day, code 10
  • Ready to Run, code 2.60
  • Ability to use SQMS, code 2,100

Target audience

The training is mainly aimed at employees with operational responsibility (users) for the PPA process and employees, who are affected by material testing.

Qualification Certificate

certificate of attendance


1 day


MBST 13 (specific requirements of Daimler AG from the Daimler DocMaster)
WEB V300 Part 1-6 (Guidelines for Material-technical initial sampling from the Daimler DocMaster))
VDA Bd. 2 (Basics PPA procedure)

Important Advice

Laptop required for Training

As part of the training, the portal and system operation is explained, but it will not worked be directly in the system environment during the training.


There are currently no dates planned. Please contact us if you have an inquiry.