VDA DFSS - Design for Six Sigma - Green Belt Automotive


For personnel who are involved in and responsible for design and development, the VDA DFSS Green Belt Automotive qualification is a significant building block for successfully fulfilling their tasks.

The VDA DFSS Green Belt Automotive supports design and development work by a targeted, consequent and co-ordinated use of methods and tools. The application of the methods is geared to the phase model IDOV: Identify, Design, Optimise and Verify.

The VDA DFSS Green Belt Automotive manages smaller projects or subprojects as a project manager or supports the project manager or VDA DFSS Black Belt Automotive in their methodical work. Furthermore, the qualification for VDA DFSS Green Belt Automotive is a chance for every designer and developer to reach their design and development objectives in a responsible, method-based and consequent fashion.
The qualification for VDA DFSS Green Belt Automotive is the prerequisite for the qualification for VDA DFSS Black Belt Automotive.



  • VDA DFSS automotive basics
  • Identification and selection of projects, project management
  • Identification of customer requirements – QFD
  • Determine functional requirements – QFD
  • Design score card
  • Concept development and creativity techniques
  • Assessment and selection of concepts
  • Determination of functional correlations
  • Risk assessments FMEA / DRBFM
  • Prioritisation and determination of critical parameters – QFD
  • Distribution models and analysis methods – basics
  • Measurement system analysis
  • DoE (Design of Experiments), full-factorial, incl. test plans
  • Tolerance design
  • Loss functions
  • Reliability concepts
  • Process capability analyses, control chart monitoring
  • Control plan

Prerequisites for participation

Technical university / university of applied sciences degree or evidence of basics in statistics, at least two years’ professional experience in design and development, in related areas or in quality management in the automotive industry, project suggestion from one’s own or from a commissioned organisation.
For participants with Six Sigma Green Belt qualification, a shortened training option is available (see DELTA I).

Target audience

Designers and developers, project personnel, project managers, specialists from design and development or areas related to design and development, and quality management.

Qualification Certificate

After completing the qualification with successful tests and after passing the written exam, you will receive a VDA certificate of qualification.

For the certification to VDA DFSS Green Belt Automotive, the completion of a project / subproject from one’s own or from a commissioned organisation is necessary. This project is presented in a final presentation. For this purpose, the final project report must be handed in in advance and positively reviewed.

After the successful final presentation and after passing the oral exam, you will receive a VDA certificate with registered numbering, the VDA DFSS Green Belt Automotive Card and the respective VDA QMC database entry. For the card, we need a digital passport photo in JPEG format in advance.


13 days, with interruptions

Important Advice

For the mathematical-statistical calculations, the tool minitab is used. The VDA QMC on site provides computers with minitab during the training course.

For in-house training courses, due to the organisation’s specific requirements, the target audience and the prerequisites for attending, as well as the software tools to be used for the mathematical-statistical calculations must be agreed upon with the VDA in good time before the course.


There are currently no dates planned. Please contact us if you have an inquiry.