Applied Statistics - Basic Training Course


In this course, you will get to know methods with which you can monitor and assess the success of improvement actions. Furthermore, you will improve your knowledge of statistics, which will enable you to analyse and evaluate results. Being familiar with common statistical methods allows you to gauge their respective fields of application. Experienced trainers will impart the issues to you in a competent and practice-oriented fashion with numerous exercises.



We will demonstrate how processes can be geared to effectiveness and efficiency. This course gives you the competence to make decisions based on statistical data.


  • Categories of characteristics
  • Probability distributions: discrete and continuous
  • Determination of statistical indicators
  • Confidence interval (unilateral/bilateral)
  • Error band (unilateral/bilateral)
  • Charts: illustration of individual values and illustration of pairs of values
  • Consideration of tolerances

Prerequisites for participation

Technical or business education, automotive experience.

Target audience

Experts from all areas, project managers, project personnel, executives and interdisciplinary personnel from development, planning, manufacture, quality management, quality representatives, improvement team personnel.


2 days

Important Advice

Please bring a pocket calculator with statistical functions and a notebook to the course, so that you can work on the exercises.


There are currently no dates planned. Please contact us if you have an inquiry.