Renewal of the qualification "Certified Process Auditor VDA 6.3"


Prerequisites for participation

  • Renewal applications must be sent in before the expiration date
  • Evidence of audit experience*:
  • Evidence must be provided for at least five process audits or potential analyses as lead auditor within the period of validity. Internal as well as external audits are admissible. The audits must be confirmed by top management or the head of quality management.
  • Evidence of the certificate of qualification from "VDA 6.3 - Competence training for certified process auditors"

Target audience

Certified process auditors VDA 6.3

Qualification Certificate

After a positive review of the application, a new VDA certificate with a registered number and the respective auditor card are issued and the accompanying entry into the VDA QMC database is completed.

Certificate and auditor card are valid for three years. A new certificate and a new auditor card are issued upon application if the prerequisites mentioned above are fulfilled.

The processing fee includes the application review, issue and delivery of a new VDA certificate, a new auditor card as well as the entry in the VDA QMC database.

* If evidence for the required audit experience cannot be provided, participation in the training "VDA 6.3 - Competence training for certified process auditors" (ID 341) is necessary for the renewal of VDA 6.3 qualification.


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