QM-Manager Module III: Measuring, Evaluation and Improving


You will improve your knowledge of statistics in order to analyse and evaluate results based on substantiated facts. You will get to know common statistical methods and learn to be able to estimate their application possibilities.



Ways in which processes can be oriented and assessed in terms of effectiveness and efficiency will be demonstrated here. Furthermore, this qualification enables you to make decisions
based on statistical data.


Fundamentals for quantitative and qualitative characteristics

  • Statistical methods in the organisation
  • Fundamentals for the use of statistical methods
  • Determination of statistical parameters
  • Calculation examples for different distributions – random variation area
  • Capable production processes
  • Control of production processes using quality control charts for normally distributedcharacteristics
  • Control of production processes using quality control charts for quantitative characteristics and special cases
  • Test process suitability according to VDA 5 and measurement system analysis (MSA)

Prerequisites for participation

Technical and/or business management training, experience in the automotive industry.

Target audience

Specialists in all fields, quality specialists and representatives, staff members from improvement teams.

Qualification Certificate

After completing the training you will receive a VDA certificate of attendance.


3 days

Important Advice

Please bring a pocket calculator with statistical functions and a notebook, in order to work on the exercises.


There are currently no dates planned. Please contact us if you have an inquiry.